Pyornkrachzark (1421) wrote,

Time to vent...

Yeah, so if you didn't know, I'm in the 8th grade. Which is strange, seeing as I've had a A+ average for the last two years >.>"

Anywho, My GOD! Other 8th graders (and middle schoolers, I guess) are so... uh... not "me" >.> All the girls are pathetic. They only care about their cell phone, their boyfriend, their friend's cell phone, and their friend's boyfriend. Boys are retarted. The only thing on their minds is, to be blunt, fucking. Fucking and occasionally video games.

In my algebra class, in which I am one of only three boys, the main highlight of the two periods (block schedule) is football practice, which can be seen through the window.

In history class, one day we were studying Spanish explorers, one of which was Vespucci. This name was the main amusement for the day, if not the week. "Heh heh, Ves-PUSSY". Another common expression among boys is "Suck me balls/dick/genitalia".

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