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Tallness is not always fun...

I have the best sister in the world. Just had to say that.

In two hours and fifty minutes, it'll be sunday. Blekh. I don't really like sundays... They're so boring. I might see the Wahrmunds tommorow, though. They're always fun. I'm glad there's some one taller than me... lol.

Seriously, I must be taller than every other student in the school... AFAIK, there're only, like, two people that come close to me. It's not very fun if the only person you see regularly who's taller than yourself is your retarted history teacher.

I'm even taller than my sister, which is odd, because I've always looked up to her, litterally and figuratively. W/E. That's what I get for going through puberty, I guess.

Oh, and I'm not even finished growing yet... >.>"
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